Its only human nature…

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Its easier to see in others what we cant see in ourselves, this is true in almost every belief system or way of life, its so instinctive it causes me personally to believe that its a natural occurence, although i have nothing to back up this statement with. An us creates comfort for an individual, a place of belonging and definition, but in a universe of opposites for their to be an “us” their also must be a “them”.

We use this method to define ourselves to tell us who we are through religion or social norms, so its hard to expect people to stop, but if we can understand that then we can look at their actions and find reason within them, and to show understanding after all are they not just a product of society themselves, in a way it comes back to your saying hate the sin ( the reason the way they are), but love the sinner (understand that the person is just a victim of negative experiences)

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