Just a thought…..who am i?

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As i walk along this road that most call life, i ask myself questions, who am i and why am i here? These ponderous moments come to me as i look at the road signs, each give me different directions and each come with their own questions. sign posts to hell or sign posts to heaven, yet they are not so clear, i can hear the voices of thousands of people before me shouting that each one is hell and each one is heaven, so how do i decide?

I look down and see the footprints of my forefathers before me, treaded so much into one path that it has now become a road, a ditch that I cant get out of, is this the right path or the one most taken? I want to find my own so i clamber out of the ditch and look around, all i see is thousands of other ditches where the feet of millions have made their everlasting impression, am I me or am I just a culmination of those before me?

On top of the road I look to others walking their ditches, they see me standing like a lost soul asking for a saviour, but I’m not, they call to me, each one as sure as the next that their path is right, but if everyone is right then who is wrong, and if no one is wrong then which one is right?

In each ditch i see sign posts that say the same things yet point in different directions, I feel confused, I feel lost, but at the same time i feel found, at least if everyone is wrong and majority is right, doesnt that make my wrong right too?

In the end the question arises from the ashes of my soul and it asks me again, Who am I? but now i know the answer, and its the only answer that is true, who am I? thats easy I am you!


2 thoughts on “Just a thought…..who am i?

    An Artist’s Soul | janetkwest said:
    November 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    […] Just a thought…..who am i? (blindmuggy.wordpress.com) […]

      blindmuggy responded:
      November 6, 2013 at 10:22 pm

      Im confused as to what this is, it says i have a comment but cannot see one, I’m new to WordPress so if I’m being stupid please let me know 🙂

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