Me, she, he (poem)

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People are more than just what they are
They’re who they were and what they’ve become
The experiences they gained so far
Some were bad and bad results they had
Some were good but just misunderstood
Some were nice and always clean, others not so pristine
But what we have to understand, is that what happens isn’t always in our hands
So who they are is not what they are only a result of what’s done so far
People incessantly good not necessarily bad
a miss understood miscommunication of meanings and tongues
To explain a lifetime, would be a waste of lungs
…..and time!
For I haven’t lived yours and you haven’t lived mine
A brain full of logical algorithms so complex it comes alive
Each our own sometimes they match
Algorithms that align and …….SNAP!
Its in place, just give it a little tap tap tap!
Finding comfort in someone who thinks the same
A human nature trait, no need for shame
Remember though in your silver backed windowless frame
As your reflection is checking you out without refrain
Your eyes then catch as you look entrapped
Slightly afraid but still want to see
What you are now and what made you be
The different ways your algorithm proceeds
All the different data that you have seen
Which writes a program in your unseen
As you stare into your eyes the left with the right and right with the left
Heres one thing to remember, I don’t preach only suggest
As you are you and we are we, as yours a program ours a prgram be
the code may be written differently, yet it’s still written on he/she/me!

So don’t blame me….she….he
Blame our his….sto….ry!

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