Just a thought……political correctness

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Although i was born in this country my background is not from here, in a sense I’m a foreigner in a foreign land at home, i wasn’t much aware of this at first, i thought i got bullied because people didn’t like me it never occurred to me that it might be because i was different, hairier than everyone else and so on, as i grew older i started to realise the differences, after an initial confusion i was fine with the whole thing, but then someone came along and said that it wasn’t ok i was different it wasn’t cool and that there was something wrong with me, that i needed to be protected because of my disability so they brought out some rules of how i should be treated and called it political correctness.

People used to ask me about my differences and i used to tell them, some of them we would laugh about some of them we thought was stupid, i thought it was ok but little did i know that i was not normal, thanks pc for making me aware of this fact, now people are scared to talk to me afraid to ask questions, the things that were bringing us together is now tearing us apart thanks pc.

I as a human being feel so much better knowing that people should be careful and weary around me, that i should be treated differently than everyone else because i am different, but they are not allowed to learn or understand what it is that makes me different.

I always thought i was a normal person but then they brought a list of rules which defines why I’m not and why i shouldn’t be treated the same thanks political correctness, i thought that when i applied for a job it didn’t matter where i was from just how good i was at the job, but new rules say i must state where I’m from ethnically so that i can be treated accordingly.

My whole life i tried to belong and i thought i was but they brought out a statement that reminded me i wasn’t, a list of rules of how i should be treated, i never knew i was disabled, I’m glad they let me know, i didn’t realise i needed protection from understanding, I’m glad they told me so.

I thought that being born here, living here and dying here would make me accepted but they reminded me that it doesn’t, thanks political correctness, before racism was just a misunderstanding but now they’ve defined it and told people exactly how they should treat us differently, thanks pc

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