Whole in the wall (poem)

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A hole in the wall and not much else
Except that inside it the world goes round
The right combination of digits and card
It’ll let you in and give out your heart
With a common factor you’ll be a part
The breeze of economical winds
Adrift on electoral wins
You’ll have your say as long as you pay
The hole in the wall sings
A worldwide connection
No lies can be told
It shows no affection
It knows what you hold
If your account reaches zero
The whole in the wall grows cold
But wait an idea to navigate
Around a zero that gravitates
We’ll just make it negatate
here if you’ll sign us, we’ll put you in the minus
The whole in the wall tries us
A hole in the wall but that’s not all
Is not what it seems
The promise of happiness and of soul
Was only just a dream
Instead of Taking nothing and giving all
It takes you by the seams
The hole in the wall it dreams
In debt we swim
As the currency current spins
For a roof over head we give our lives
Forever paying what they add on
The hole in the wall strives

They’ve got us now we do what were told
With our own greed they’ve got their hold
Using the good old hole in the wall

It’s true to say that we must live someway
It’s untrue to say that there is only one way
If we turn take into give
Realise we all must live
See through the eyes of the poor
See what it means to have more
Then even though still money be made
Everything will be fair trade
The word will lose it’s meaning
As there’s now nothing less demeaning
Then we’ll finally lose our hold
On the lonely hole in the wall

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