Untitled (poem)

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I whisper gently into an eternal dream
Come to me
Chasing shadows in a dark room
Illusive voices calling me
Come to me

I lay my plans on a floor of glass
Transparent yet it only reflects myself
Underneath my reflection calls to me
Come to me

My hope and fears all riddled to one
Chasing myself through an endless maze
Ghostly images tease me
Come to me

A prison of mind
The one hard to find
Human heart made from cells
Yet this one does not beat
And every hearts rythm says
Come to me

Through shady paths
And obstacle routes
Ahead two steps, back four
Ahead again then back some more
Snakes and ladders with only the snakes
Their fangs are out they say
Come to me

And all of this I leave behind
And walk away of free mind
The game you chase then chases you
But to play once more is to be a fool
As I walk in distant path
They scream to me in agony and pain
Please, please I say again
Come to me

Blind of ear pure of sight
Never succumb again to your plight
So call your endless song
I have my freedom and to people I say
Come to me
If free you want to be.

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