Just a thought…..i am but a fleeting moment

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Tell us the truth, is it the way we perceive it or is it something best left alone.
Could it be that only us don’t know what it is that is going on, left in the dark with no lights to turn on.

A simplicity lies in being so blind, the answer always is that we will never know, so I already know everything I need to know.

To less wonder about the things I already know to concentrate more at my current plunder, to live in the now and leave future to the present which fast becomes past.

A fleeting moment of atoms that pass momentarily but for us a lifetime it lasts, come and gone so quick and forgot, my place be taken by a thousand spots.

So I ponder less on those inconceivable and think more on the doable, consolable. Society breeds its generation next in every seed planted by men. From mothers womb till five or ten bombarded with rules and laws the dos and dont’s of society.

Though every era change with laws and less refrain, the whole system of social evolution stays the same, individuality becomes a mirage an illusion created by awareness of existence, I think therefore I am? Or I think I am? We think our decisions and interests and likes and dislikes all make us individual yet all those individualities are a random assimilation of the current societies views and thoughts, programmed into our brains from an age before we where even aware.

Humanity, the vain species, they think the main species, yet without one chaos can be born and all can be lost.

But not to be depressed think of happiness and enjoy what we have, some luckier than others most not lucky enough, but everyone finds a way, we live our lives so it’s best to enjoy it at least most of the way.

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