Just a regular guy (story)

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Martin was just a regular guy, thats it, he could of been me or you or anybody really, just a regular guy. Did some work, doesn’t matter what, went home, ate food, went out with friends, every now and then got lucky, just regular stuff and right now he was regularly walking home.

He always enjoyed looking at the street lights as he walked by, the light would blind him momentarily and he enjoyed watching his vision slowly reappear, as it did so he saw a man walking towards him from across the street, he had a pretty quick step in his foot, coming at him at a steady speed, martin felt his heart drop a little, as if his subconscious detected danger and sped up his heart in preparation.

The man stopped straight in front of him staring directly into his eyes,

” youre gonna have to come with me son!”

“and whys that dad!”

Martin, without realising, was slowly starting to lean backwards

“very funny! Listen don’t make this difficult…..”

He reached out his arm to grab martin by the…..well…..by his arm, at which point martin instinctively punched forward from his leant back position landing a well placed fist right in the other guys jaw.

Martin watched as if in slow motion as the man fell like timber, his eyes completely gone to another place, probably a better place than his body was in right now.

As he came back to normal speed he started feeling a pain in his hand

“what the hell……..oh yeah i punched him in the face, shit that really does hurt”

Shaking his wrist as everyone does when in pain, In the distance he heard some voices

“hes over there………he’s knocked out tony”

Oh shit, better go, thinks martin, he thanks tony for a lovely night and heads off into a nearby factory.

Im not sure why all factories near any kind of chase in the middle of the night are always open but luckily for our protagonist, this one also was. He ran through into the main factory floor, filled with wooden crates and machines and other factory looking stuff chains from ceilings and so on, anyway the exciting bit.

Just as he’s about to duck down another corridor to get away, a bald headed guy jumped straight into his line of escape, he was bulging with muscles and didn’t seem happy to be running around after someone, as he spun around to run the other way, more men came into his vision, obviously surrounded he stopped where he was, maybe he could talk his way out

“what do you guys want? Why you chasing me?”

“don’t play games with me mr wight, we know exactly who you are?”

“well, obviously right coz you already said mr wight, which is my name, then you said, know who you are
which was before hand stated, really in a way just repeating yourself unnecessarily, so yes in fact i believe
that you know who i am!”

The guys look slightly baffled, it kinda makes sense, but was it something really that should be discussed at a time like this, although some of them did put a pin in it for later.

“get him, volaaf!”

Said the obviously in charge guy to the obviously big muscle guy

The muscle guy stepped in towards martin

“look guys don’t do this, i don’t want to hurt you”

Martin wasn’t anything, he honestly had no idea why these guys were after him, he didn’t know how they knew his name, or why his name would matter to anyone, but right now, he was in serious danger he had to think fast.

As volaaf stepped in towards him and threw back a massive punch, swung his whole body into his shoulders and swung his body all the way behind his punch, missing a fast moving face only to then discover the true meaning of momentum and inertia as he carries on swinging past his original destination only to be met with martins knee coming in the opposite direction.

Volaaf lay still on the floor, what he had done slowly started dawning on martin, he had just knocked out some big german or russian guy, wasnt quite sure about the name, could be eastern european.


He turned around and the other guys were just stood there looking at him, they seemed to stare alot.

“right, ill give you guys one last chance to leave, if you dont then youre gonna end up like volaaf here, i mean im not sure if hes even alive”

A moan comes out of volaaf

“Ok, so hes alive, but hes definitly in need of some serious medical attention, anyway it wont be good
i will kick your butts from here to the end of my boat amd kick it again, i mean unless you got guns
you guys are fucked………..oh shit!”

He said as they all pulled out their glock 49s out of their holders

“lesson in talking to soon!”

Martin for a regular guy was pretty fast because he managed to immediately jump behind some of the crates, and disappear into the factory cargo bay, showered by 46′ calliper bullets whizzing past his ear.

The, i think we can establish now, bad guys moved slowly, looking around to see if they could spot any kind of movement, slightly nervous now, they were being cautious, they looked over to a voice

“look guys, this is your last chance, now you taken out guns on me, im afraid that if you don’t leave now
i am going to have to kill you all”

The baddies, yes i called them baddies, i like the word leave me alone, anyway, the BADDIES…..were walking slowly towards his voice, one signalling to the other to go round, doing the whole eye signal stuff, fist for hold, point for go, you’ve all seen the films.

“Well ok not all of you ill leave one alive to get information from torture him….THEN kill all of you”

“You are surrounded and there is no way out, how will you kill us all exactly”

“There you go repeating yourself, im surrounded and theres no way out, one implies the other dickweed”

With this the furious man jumps towards the source of the sound, which turns out is not the source of martin himself, as he jumps round the crate only to see a mobile phone on the floor, martin pops up behind the guy who was supposedly flanking him, grabs his gun with one hand and lands a punch with the other, the man instinctively lets go of the gun and stumbles to the ground. A strange moment then occurs, it last only seconds but the look between him and the guy, with a gun in his hand both understanding what he had to do, seemed to last forever, knowing that one will die and the other for the first time would have killed. The stare only broken by the loud bang as the guns goes off and puts a bullet into the middle of those eyes that seem to stare so much.

He spins round and with lightning speed shoots the obvious boss guy in the leg and aims up and shoots the only other guy, four times right in the chest, this is where all that time spent in the arcade pays off, people would say it was a waste of time, he wasn’t sure if that it right now saving his life was irony or not.

He slowly moved over to the big boss baddie, yes i did, who’s trying so hard to get to his gun lying on the floor just too far out his reach

“So, why me and who sent you, very simple, would like simple answers or bullet in your head………also stop trying to go for the gun
Or again ill also shoot you”

He didn’t seem to be listening as he carried on trying to get to the gun, a gunshot and bullet mark on the floor next to his hand grabbed his attention though.

“So go on….”

“Im not telling you shit”

“See im confused, I’ve done nothing wrong why the hell are you after me”

“Look man you do what you want im not telling you anything, nothing you can do will compare to what they’ll do”

” oh my god thats so cliche, i honestly cant believe you said that, look, do you want to live or not”

“Yes, ofcourse i do”

“Well……..tough shit”

He said as he lifted the gun and put a bullet straight through his head

Martin looked around, everyone except for volaaf, who was still making weird gurgling noises on the floor, was dead. What the fuck just happened, he thought, he felt like some sort of super hero, indestructible like the hulk or something, he didn’t seem to be in shock, in fact he was taking it extremely well, he thought he was always good at adapting to situations but this was ridiculous. In some weird way he was proud of himself, he had killed for the first time, and he took out five people with guns, the feeling he was having now was a rush, he picked up another gun, more ammo, and slipped it into the back of his trousers, if they come again ill be ready for them, he thought.

He went over to where his other phone was and blessed the fact that he always had two phones with him, one business one personal.

A very regular man went into that factory, but right now a very different irregular man was walking out, if it did happen again he was gonna find out who it was and kill every single last one of them, they had awakened a monster and didn’t even know, well thats what he thought, because they knew exactly what they had awakened.

The end

Can be continued if enough people want me to otherwise this was quite long as it is and im not into writing long stuff, have not got the patience for it, hope you enjoyed, peace out!



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