First day filming

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Got up at 5:00 in the morning had my shower and breakfast at an amazing hotel with an amazing view and was ready to leave to the orphanage at 7, but first we had to pass by the local to studio to see if we could pick up any radio mics seeing as ours had been lost by the airline. We couldn’t as they didn’t have what we needed. Then we drove into this random desolate area to pick up a boom pole which I have to say the weirdest place I have ever picked up equipment, it was in great condition and surprising to find there.

Then we went to the orphanage and this is the point I started having an awesome time, the kids were so lively and energetic and showed nothing but love and I love how when around kids you can act like a kid and it doesn’t look weird, to be honest it’s just an excuse for me to act like a kid. Walking around with a camera on my shoulder I was being swarmed by the kids all jumping on me and hugging me and as I laughed I realised that for the first time in a long time I was laughing from the bottom of my heart.





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