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Just a thought…..i am but a fleeting moment

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Tell us the truth, is it the way we perceive it or is it something best left alone.
Could it be that only us don’t know what it is that is going on, left in the dark with no lights to turn on.

A simplicity lies in being so blind, the answer always is that we will never know, so I already know everything I need to know.

To less wonder about the things I already know to concentrate more at my current plunder, to live in the now and leave future to the present which fast becomes past.

A fleeting moment of atoms that pass momentarily but for us a lifetime it lasts, come and gone so quick and forgot, my place be taken by a thousand spots.

So I ponder less on those inconceivable and think more on the doable, consolable. Society breeds its generation next in every seed planted by men. From mothers womb till five or ten bombarded with rules and laws the dos and dont’s of society.

Though every era change with laws and less refrain, the whole system of social evolution stays the same, individuality becomes a mirage an illusion created by awareness of existence, I think therefore I am? Or I think I am? We think our decisions and interests and likes and dislikes all make us individual yet all those individualities are a random assimilation of the current societies views and thoughts, programmed into our brains from an age before we where even aware.

Humanity, the vain species, they think the main species, yet without one chaos can be born and all can be lost.

But not to be depressed think of happiness and enjoy what we have, some luckier than others most not lucky enough, but everyone finds a way, we live our lives so it’s best to enjoy it at least most of the way.


Setting sun (poem) (kind of)

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The stories most audaciously told, mould my very soul, in age I increase, the son looks upon the sun as the father once did standing now where the source now sits. Decaying beauty is rarely caught all for naught is the mirrors distraught.
As potions and spells fail the beauty sun, she realises her times has come as we, as gracefully bellow she disappears, with awe do we watch the setting of the sun, never again yet that sun ne’er seen bring the morrow, her resemblance, for another cycle of a dying breed

Untitled (poem)

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I whisper gently into an eternal dream
Come to me
Chasing shadows in a dark room
Illusive voices calling me
Come to me

I lay my plans on a floor of glass
Transparent yet it only reflects myself
Underneath my reflection calls to me
Come to me

My hope and fears all riddled to one
Chasing myself through an endless maze
Ghostly images tease me
Come to me

A prison of mind
The one hard to find
Human heart made from cells
Yet this one does not beat
And every hearts rythm says
Come to me

Through shady paths
And obstacle routes
Ahead two steps, back four
Ahead again then back some more
Snakes and ladders with only the snakes
Their fangs are out they say
Come to me

And all of this I leave behind
And walk away of free mind
The game you chase then chases you
But to play once more is to be a fool
As I walk in distant path
They scream to me in agony and pain
Please, please I say again
Come to me

Blind of ear pure of sight
Never succumb again to your plight
So call your endless song
I have my freedom and to people I say
Come to me
If free you want to be.

Whole in the wall (poem)

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A hole in the wall and not much else
Except that inside it the world goes round
The right combination of digits and card
It’ll let you in and give out your heart
With a common factor you’ll be a part
The breeze of economical winds
Adrift on electoral wins
You’ll have your say as long as you pay
The hole in the wall sings
A worldwide connection
No lies can be told
It shows no affection
It knows what you hold
If your account reaches zero
The whole in the wall grows cold
But wait an idea to navigate
Around a zero that gravitates
We’ll just make it negatate
here if you’ll sign us, we’ll put you in the minus
The whole in the wall tries us
A hole in the wall but that’s not all
Is not what it seems
The promise of happiness and of soul
Was only just a dream
Instead of Taking nothing and giving all
It takes you by the seams
The hole in the wall it dreams
In debt we swim
As the currency current spins
For a roof over head we give our lives
Forever paying what they add on
The hole in the wall strives

They’ve got us now we do what were told
With our own greed they’ve got their hold
Using the good old hole in the wall

It’s true to say that we must live someway
It’s untrue to say that there is only one way
If we turn take into give
Realise we all must live
See through the eyes of the poor
See what it means to have more
Then even though still money be made
Everything will be fair trade
The word will lose it’s meaning
As there’s now nothing less demeaning
Then we’ll finally lose our hold
On the lonely hole in the wall

Just a thought……There is no title

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There is one possibility of the existence of everything, there is only one way that things could have happened to be what is today, even if there is parallel universes this is the only one that could’ve happened like ours happened , we are that one possibility of many.

Therefore their can really only be one truth about how our world came to be, but we can never really know that truth. So it’s not really about the truth, its more about our own truths, what we believe in, ask yourself how do you believe the world came about? Do you know? Do you care?
That says something about your truths; these can go from who your friends are? Who you trust? What about them you trust? Maybe not asked much but why?

Why do you trust them, all of the answers can tell you who you are because they are based on your truths, for example you hold honour in regard, or maybe you like someone naughty, maybe they remind you of you a little, whatever characteristic you see in another person you like, is your truths.

What’s important in a friend for you? Pause a little

I paused because I was thinking what it meant to me, I suppose someone who will love me as much as I love them be there for me, and help when I am in need, so I guess my truths seem to be slightly based on me, that’s not something I like and I’m really trying to change that truth,

Anyway I digress!

Sometimes the truth about ourselves, as in our truths, can be very hard for us to hear. We don’t want to hear it maybe but it is our truth, like a lady who says she isn’t racist AND completely believes it! But then on the street clutches her bag when she sees a minority on the street, everyone expected me to say black man didn’t they, haha!

side note:

race is just a formality

The important thing is to TRY to learn, I emphasize try ill tell you later, understand your truths because they are who you are and to understand that is to understand that everyone has a truth. Everyone’s truths work for them, there are no wrong truths, there is only your truth, WHO YOU ARE!

Coming back to try, i said this because; well…. you can never truly know yourself, the more you think you know, the less you find out and the more you know seem always to be less than what you don’t know,the more you don’t know, the less you’ll ever find out. Its not about ever completely knowing yourself, its more about the search, its about finding out and always finding out, but the more you find out the more at peace you become with who you are, your truth!

This is not to say there is only one way to do this, everyone has their own path, and always to remember that the way you would want your path to be treated you would treat theirs the same, every now and then someone will come up that doesn’t respect your path, but our social structure swallows them up and keeps on turning, society hasn’t stopped because of criminals, it keeps working. A structure of trust and reliability that keeps the social cyclone turning, as battered and worn as it may be we still produce kids who produce kids and keep humanity alive, that is humanities truth, but we are more than just humans we are people and inside those people are what lie their truth, your truth, besides being a human, instinctual reproduce eat shit poke be poked ring ding and something i cant spell! ( I hate grammer!)

Your truth as a person, who you are!

I know from my self that there are thingsin my truth that i don’t want to admit to knowing, things that never another living soul will know, i mean…ummm.. never ANY living soul will know, theres was no one else involved!

Jokes aside, there are things about me that i will never probably admit about myself, things i don’t know, or think i don’t know, when really somewhere in the back of my mind i know but really i don’t, and things that i now know about myself but took a lot of facing up to do, so i know that if we are all paths and each of us have these personalities, then everyone must have parts of themselves that feel like mine, I know it’s hard, but it’s important that we try, because there is a comfort in being able to be at one with yourself just the same as you are one with others, we all as a species and as organisms live to keep the structure surviving living hand in hand to create a recyclable, self sufficient planet. It must be working because we are still here, although….. it. is 2012…..

BOO!!! Haha

To be at peace with your surroundings you must first be at peace with yourself!

I want to finish this by saying that these are my truths, all i am doing is sharing them, they don’t have to coincide with your truths, I am not a preacher, I’m just putting my mind on paper, as honest to myself that i can be_)+)/)~){)-)……DAMN IT!…..(insert winky emoticon here)

See ya next week….

Just a thought……political correctness

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Although i was born in this country my background is not from here, in a sense I’m a foreigner in a foreign land at home, i wasn’t much aware of this at first, i thought i got bullied because people didn’t like me it never occurred to me that it might be because i was different, hairier than everyone else and so on, as i grew older i started to realise the differences, after an initial confusion i was fine with the whole thing, but then someone came along and said that it wasn’t ok i was different it wasn’t cool and that there was something wrong with me, that i needed to be protected because of my disability so they brought out some rules of how i should be treated and called it political correctness.

People used to ask me about my differences and i used to tell them, some of them we would laugh about some of them we thought was stupid, i thought it was ok but little did i know that i was not normal, thanks pc for making me aware of this fact, now people are scared to talk to me afraid to ask questions, the things that were bringing us together is now tearing us apart thanks pc.

I as a human being feel so much better knowing that people should be careful and weary around me, that i should be treated differently than everyone else because i am different, but they are not allowed to learn or understand what it is that makes me different.

I always thought i was a normal person but then they brought a list of rules which defines why I’m not and why i shouldn’t be treated the same thanks political correctness, i thought that when i applied for a job it didn’t matter where i was from just how good i was at the job, but new rules say i must state where I’m from ethnically so that i can be treated accordingly.

My whole life i tried to belong and i thought i was but they brought out a statement that reminded me i wasn’t, a list of rules of how i should be treated, i never knew i was disabled, I’m glad they let me know, i didn’t realise i needed protection from understanding, I’m glad they told me so.

I thought that being born here, living here and dying here would make me accepted but they reminded me that it doesn’t, thanks political correctness, before racism was just a misunderstanding but now they’ve defined it and told people exactly how they should treat us differently, thanks pc