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Who are ya!

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If i can see that the guy in front of me is being selfish and yet he doesnt realise it, then whats stopping me from being selfish and not realising it, if he is obviously disillusioned on the image of himself then whats stopping my disillusioned image, if he is not what he thinks he is then what makes me think i am what i think i am.

how can i judge another without first being sure of myself,  are my actions justified to my self image or am i just justifying my actions to fit, when i look in the mirror do i see the same person everyone else does or just the person id like to think i am.


maybe the answer is to break the illusion of self to be able to see what is, maybe i have been hiding parts of myself because they dont fit into my ideology, now that ive scraped the ideology i can see myself as i am, yes i am selfish yes i am irresponsible yes i can be bad and yes im not as smart, but none of these matter because whatever i am, surely i can be only me.